ConstruGomes Engenharia, SA, in compliance with Law No. 73/2017 (rectified by Decree No. 28/2017), adopted this Code of Good Conduct for Prevention and Combating Harassment at Work, thus basis for all those who work at ConstruGomes Engenharia, SA, through a work contract, on an internship or other basis.

Clause 1

The "Code of Good Conduct for the Prevention and Fight against Harassment at Work" establishes guidelines on professional conduct related to the prevention and combat of harassment for all those who carry out functions or professional activities at ConstruGomes Engenharia, SA.

Clause 2

  1. Harassment is prohibited.
  1. "Harassment" means unwanted behavior, in particular discrimination based on the practice of access to employment or in the employment, work or vocational training, with the aim or effect of disrupting or embarrassing the person, dignity, or create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or destabilizing environment.
  1. Sexual harassment constitutes unwanted sexual behavior, in a verbal, nonverbal or physical form, with the purpose or effect referred to in the preceding paragraph.
  1. "Harassment" is characterized by intentionality and repetition.

Clause 3

ConstruGomes Engenharia, SA has a "zero tolerance" policy to work-related harassment, including workers, clients and suppliers, regardless of the means used and even when it occurs outside the workplace.

Clause 4

  1. The employee who considers that they are being harassed in the workplace, or persons with whom you have professional relations, you should report the situation to the Human Resources Department of ConstruGomes Engenharia, SA, which will treat the same in a confidential, impartial, efficient, swift and safe manner with the principle of innocence.
  2. the enunciator and the witnesses by him appointed can not be subject to disciplinary action, unless they act with malice, based on declarations or facts stated in the writ initiated for harassment, until the final judgment decision has transited, without prejudice to the right of adversarial proceedings on the part of the subject to whom the harassment is imputed

Clause 5

  1. Construgomes Engenharia, SA announces the existence of this "Code of Good Conduct for Preventing and Combating Harassment at Work" with its employees, clients and suppliers by posting this Code in visible places of the workplace, as well as disclosure on the company's website.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department of ConstruGomes Engenharia, SA to implement concrete actions to identify the potential and risk factors for harassment in the workplace.
  3. The methods ConstruGomes Engenharia, SA may adopt to identify the potential for harassment in the workplace include, but are not limited to:

               a) Regular consultation with the workers, which guarantees the anonymity of the answers, evaluating or identifying factors that increase the risk of harassment.

               b) Regular consultation of workers, which guarantees the anonymity of the answers, ascertaining the occurrence of potential cases of harassment.

               c) Regular consultation of those in charge and direct management.

               d) Institution of the practice of employment exit interviews to the workers in process of voluntary exit.

         4. ConstruGomes Engenharia, SA must institute disciplinary proceedings whenever it is aware of alleged situations of harassment at work.

Clause 6

After approval, this Code comes into effect on the date of its disclosure, namely through the Internet, and posted at the workplace, in a place accessible to all employees.