Projet number: 019146

Investment: 2.462.508,36€
Elegible: 1.790.263,36€
Incentive: 895.131,68€

Execution: 73,46%


CONSTRUGOMES intends to position itself, as far as possible, upstream of the value chain. Experience tells us that the more upstream you are in the value chain the greater your profitability. The strategic vision is to dominate the value chain, controlling the design or redesign of the bridge project, choosing the most efficient constructive solutions, providing the key equipment for the constructive solution, operating the construction, managing the crucial links of supply of materials and services (such as concrete supply and placement, supply and placement of active and passive steel, supply of formwork and all logistics activities), until final delivery of the bridge to the general contractor.

CONSTRUGOMES became known for the adoption of new bridge construction methods, with a main focus on the operation of form travellers. To build, supported by its own R&D department, an integrated system of form travellers, which allows by itself the execution of a hammerhead (top of the bridge pillar), from which the form and wing travellers are generated, capable of execute 10 meters segments, will be something revolutionary in the market, which will effectively differentiate the company from its competition.

Investment in control and quality is also significant and differentiating. Resorting to new technologies our intention is to monitor the operation of the equipment at all times, reducing costs and probability of incidents.