Movable Scaffolding System

This method consists on supporting the MSS on the final elements (piers and abutments), being also possible to use part of the already built bridge deck as a support. After the correct positioning of the formwork, transported by the MSS, the steel reinforcement is positioned in its interior.

The concrete pouring on each span can be done in more than one phase. The MSS launching is done span by span, by hydraulic mechanisms, being completely autonomous.


  • Using our own resources and partnerships we provide technical services and skilled manpower to assemble, launch and disassemble movable scaffolding systems;

  • Monitoring of pre and post assembling services, in order to achieve, through the cooperation with our customers, the best quality/price solution;

  • Partnerships with equipment suppliers for presentation of turnkey solutions;

Our range of partners is at the forefront when it comes to adopting new technologies in the construction of bridges, with the OPS (Organic prestressing system) being the greatest expression of that evolution.