President's Message

Everyone that knows me relatively well is fully aware that I am a working man. An entrepreneur dedicated to the productive function that enjoys being in the field since the launching, developing and conclusion of the projects.

In CONSTRUGOMES we aim not only the results, but essentially the path that we have been going through until every single goal is fulfilled. Everyone in CONSTRUGOMES makes part of this journey.

During these years, all the managers, permanent staff and everyone that cooperates with CONSTRUGOMES have been giving a useful knowledge, building up bridges in order to obtain consistent business relationships. With dedication and expertise, it was possible to internationalize CONSTRUGOMES ensuring our presence in three Continents.

Despite off the complicated economic situation and the fluctuation that still exists, we believe that with ambition and realism towards the markets and with financial stability regarding the new investments, we can face the future with optimism.

We are indeed very proud of this successful development: the sustained growth, the knowledge shared and exported on several countries, the high quality of our services, the innovation brought by us, and the close relationship that we earned in several business partnerships.

We do not intend to stop. We commit to grow our business towards new markets, continuing to invest in knowledge and technology in order to provide the best technical solutions to the presented challenges.

CONSTRUGOMES ambition is to be represented as an international reference in the execution of bridges, tunnels and viaducts. With this vision we will succeed and expand.

With this vision we will build the future.

Carlos Gomes,