Latest update on the construction of the New Pumarejo Bridge

The new Pumarejo bridge over Magdalena river, will replace the existing bridge designed by engineer Riccardo Morandi, in 1972. It will be Colombia's longest bridge and one of the country's most significant infrastructure works being one of the top priorities of the INVIAS, the Road Department of the Ministry of Public Works of Colombia.

The main purpose for the new infrastructure is to improve the navigation conditions, since Madgdalena river is one the main routes for the navigation of large vessels. The existing bridge was constraining the free mobility of ships since its gauge was too low. The new navigation requirements include a 300 meters wide channel with no piers within and a gauge of 45 meters high, allowing a safe and free circulation in both directions.

CONSTRUGOMES takes action in the execution of the approach viaducts, with 800 and 618 meters in length, with recourse to movable scaffolding systems developed by BERD. The main emphasis goes to the main cable-stayed 380 meters span for which CONSTRUGOMES designed wing travellers and form travellers capable of executing segments with 10 meters in length - a world record and matter of pride for CONSTRUGOMES team.