Multi Span Large Bridges Conference

The word “success” may be that which most closely resembles what happened at the 1st International Conference on Multi Span Large Bridges 2015, which took place at Alfândega do Porto’s  Congress Centre between 1 And 3 of last July.

The MSLB - Multi Span Large Bridges Conference 2015, organized by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto in cooperation with the Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon, the University of Minho and LNEC counted with the participation of CONSTRUGOMES as a guest speaker.

In a city with bridges that constitute reference study cases worldwide, the conference established the state of the art of the sector through the participation of renowned specialists and speakers of great prestige from more than fifty countries that are dedicated to the design and construction of works of art in engineering.

The high technical level of communications and papers, coupled with the potential of the city of Oporto and the excellence of the organization, provided two unforgettable days that exceeded the best expectations, an event that CONSTRUGOMES is proud to have been part of.